Beauty Therapist Interview Questions

Beauty therapist interview questions that we frequently see at Rose Hadley, when beauty salons are recruiting for beauty jobs in London.

Here are common interview questions for a beauty therapist job in London along with sample answers:

What training and qualifications do you have in beauty therapy?

I have completed a Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy and hold a certificate in waxing.

What skills do you consider to be the most important for a beauty therapist?

I believe that good communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work well under pressure are essential for a beauty therapist.

What beauty therapy areas do you specialise in?

My specialise in facials, waxing, and nail treatments.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest beauty therapy trends?

I regularly attend industry events and read trade publications to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

What is your overall aim with a beauty client?

I aim to make them look and feel more beautiful, relaxed and confident than when they came in to the salon.

What personal qualities do you bring to the role as beauty therapist?

I am a highly motivated individual who is passionate about the beauty industry. I have excellent communication skills and enjoy working as part of a team.

What made you decide to become a beauty therapist?

I have always been interested in the beauty industry and enjoy helping people look and feel their best.

What do you like and dislike about this job?

I love being able to help people feel more confident and beautiful. The only thing I dislike is dealing with difficult clients.

How did you hear about this beauty therapist position?

I researched which beauty recruitment agencies covered top London salons and got in contact with Rose Hadley through their beauty jobs website.

How would your salon colleagues describe you?

My colleagues would describe me as hardworking, reliable, and friendly.

Why are you leaving your current job?

I am looking for new opportunities for growth and development.

What hours are you looking for? Full time? Part time?

I am looking for full time / part time,

How many days do you want to work? 5 or 7 days?

2/3/ 5 or 7 days.

Do you have the required permissions to work in the UK?

Yes I am a British Citizen / have EU visa / UK Resident

How soon can you start?

I can start immediately / within a week / with a month notice.

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The Complete Guide To Beauty Jobs London

Importance of Career Development

Beauty jobs London – Aim to develop the beauty career you always wanted by using the power of a career development plan to guide your steps. Use it to guide you every step of the way, through new experiences, qualifications and training, to promotions and rewards.

It can be like having a satellite navigation for the beauty career journey, rather than travelling without a written plan or guidance on the possible destinations available and how to get there.

Benefits of Career Development

For career beauty therapists, the direct benefits for you include :

  • Career goal achievement
  • Networking opportunities
  • Improved communication skills
  • More productive and positive internal relationships
  • More productive and positive external relationships
  • Greater understanding of the importance of organisational visibility and improve networking, rapport-building and showcasing skills
  • Learn goal-setting techniques to identify career goals and maximise success
  • Enhance time-management and prioritisation skills to create time to work on career goals

How Do You Prepare A Career Development Plan?

  • Learn about potential career options
  • Discover growing job markets
  • Identify careers that match your skills
  • Understand career qualifications
  • Assess salaries and other benefits
  • Compare possible career paths

Formalising A Career Development Plan

Establish SMART goals i.e. specific, measurable, realistic, timed
Develop a career action plan You may be able to set your SMART goals yourself, if you are career minded, have done the background research in your chosen field and have clear vision of what you want to achieve in your beauty career.

Getting A Career Development Coach

Sometimes it is easier and saves time and more productive to reach out to an experienced career coach to help you with your career plan.

You may be able to learn about how your skills and experience can be used to open doors to a particular beauty salon or beauty specialist treatment area. It may be an area you are already aware of, or something completely new. It could also be using your current beauty skills and experience somewhere new in the UK or abroad.

Learn about potential career options and growing markets for your skills and locations where potential salons are seeking your beauty therapist skills and experience.

  • Looking for career opportunities
  • Assess salaries and other benefits
  • Finding the perfect job to match your ambitions

If you are ready to reach out to a beauty career coach, we can help you. Rose Hadley London have over twenty years experience of matching beauty therapist ambitions with career opportunities.

Make contact today.

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Tel. 0207 584 1990

Beauty Jobs London – Salary Guide 2022

Salary Guide For Beauty Salon Staff in London 2022

For beauty therapists in London, the demand for your beauty therapist services during 2022 has been strong, with both permanent and especially temps, being sought by salons trying to cover this additional work.

So you will be interested in how this is impacting the market for salaries and this is covered by the latest salary guide.

With the absence of permanent staff applicants, salons are increasingly seeking beauty temps to cope with the additional demand they are seeing walk through the door in 2022.

It seems that with such high demand for beauty staff, the current market is favouring staff, rather than the beauty salons in terms of the salaries that can be expected for new beauty job roles.

So, if you are a level 3 qualified beauty therapist, with salon experience, this is a good time to consider a move to a new salon. Salary uplifts are possible.

Why Is Demand For Beauty Temps So High?

Post Brexit and post pandemic, the gaping permanent staff shortage, reveals itself in its entirety. The result – heaps and heaps of permanent hair jobs for the discerning job seeker. That said, the industry is still in recovery from financial pain and this is very much reflected in the salaries offered, at this time in some places.

We do, however, witness beauty salon owners as being favourably poised for the future and fully recognising the need of investment in staffing for the remaining two quarters and beyond.

In the salons, topics of conversation have changed recently. Customers have stopped talking about Covid jabs and now it’s hard to avoid the latest news on the war in Ukraine.

This Ukraine factor is impacting almost everyone, bringing frustration and inner anxiety to the population here and throughout Europe.

This means an increased need for some respite, in the form of relaxation, diversion therapy, and healing.

What better way, than the familiar, trusted beauty services to provide that feel good factor, even if it is for a day or two, but usually the impact of the new beauty treatment lasts much longer!

We cannot underestimate the powerful service beauty therapists provide to their clients.

As well as the beauty service itself, the upliftment of someone to chat to, can be invaluable to some people who may have not spoken to anyone recently and be cautiously returning to going out or back to work again at the office.

The mood in salons is one of confidence, enthusiasm and reflection. With enormous positivity, beauty salon owners and beauty staff have reached out to Rose Hadley with their recruitment needs for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

The question of salary has come up, pretty much in every conversation. It’s clear, that beauty therapists are highly prized and in high demand. This, combined with reduced supply are pushing up salaries for salons to attract and retain hair workers. 

Below, is a salary guide for London for June 2022, i.e. gross basic. Commission on services and retail vary, with an average of 10% on services and 5% on retail.

Salary Guide For Beauty Jobs In London

Beauty Salon Staff

Permanent Beauty Jobs in London

  • Level 2 Beauty Therapists – from £22,000
  • Level 3 Beauty Therapists – from £24,000
  • Level 4 Beauty Therapists – from £26,500.
  • Nail Technicians – from £22,500 – £31,000.
  • Laser Technicians – from £26,000 – £32,000.
  • Lash Technicians – £22,800
  • Facialist/ Skin Care Experts – from £26,000
  • Medical Aestheticians – from £28,000
  • Aestheticians – from £26,500
  • Beauty Salon Managers – Hands on – from £28,800
  • Hands off – from £30,000
  • Beauty Salon Receptionists – from £23,000.
  • Area Managers/ Multi site managers – from £40,000.
  • Medical Doctor Assistants £31,000
  • Management Consultants – circa £200 per day.
  • Beauty Room Rental – circa £200 per day (central locations and fully equipped)

Beauty salons’ demand for experienced beauty therapists is going through the roof. especially in London.

As a qualified beauty therapist, NVQ 3 or higher and some postgraduate experience spent in a busy beauty salon, you are in a strong position to land your dream beauty job, so please get in contact with us if you are seeking a new role or recruiting for new talent.

The figures quoted above are for London and presented as a recommendation only. The salaries shown are basic, commission is often also offered in addition to this.

In Summary

We hope you find this beauty salary survey useful.

We are here to help with your beauty recruitment and beauty job finding needs.

Wishing all involved in the beauty salon sector, a very healthy, productive and prosperous 2022.

The Hair and Beauty Recruitment Editor

Beauty Career Personalisation -Beauty Therapists Wanted In London

Beauty Therapists In 2022 – Clients Are Seeking Personalisation

Personalised skincare routines and custom makeup may become the new normal for clients seeking beauty products and beauty therapies in 2022.

The lockdown experience has given beauty clients an appetite for personalised products and services and this is something beauty therapists are becoming increasingly aware of and having to adapt to in their mission to meet and exceed client expectations.

As an experienced, professional beauty therapist, you and you alone are the force behind those popular beauty treatments and now beauty personalisation is featuring as important added requirement and skill for success as a beauty therapist in today’s beauty world.

The beauty therapist job is to make clients look and feel beautiful with beauty product recommendations and services such as gel nails, lashes, hot waxing, facials, massage and tanning.

This has never been more important than today, now the lockdowns are over.

Beauty salons in London are experiencing with high demand for beauty treatments and are seeking to recruit experienced beauty professionals who have the skills to deliver what the beauty client is looking for now – a tailored, personalised service, involving beauty products that closely meet their exact skin requirements and their personal preferences

You as a beauty therapist do important work with your beauty treatments and the time you give your clients, helps them look and feel good.

So how can you adapt your role to personalise the beauty therapy service for your clients?

How To Personalise The Beauty Therapy Service For Your Clients?

  • Discuss the client expectations and beauty goals
  • Study the skin requirements for each client
  • Product knowledge – research latest beauty products
  • Keep up to date and develop your beauty skills
  • Provide a quality service
  • Touch people’s lives
  • Building relationships
  • Seek feedback from clients
  • Personalise, personalise, personalise! Products and services for each client

More Reasons To Personalise Your Work

  • Clients have changed their expectations
  • They are seeking a tailored service / personalised cosmetics
  • Meet client expectations
  • Summer holiday season, when demand high – lots of work!

Hello Beauty Therapists

Just as your beauty salon clients need you to personalise beauty products and beauty therapy treatments for them, we aim to do the same for you in your career development.

If you are a qualified Beauty Therapist. we are able to offer you:

  • A personalised career development service
  • A personalised beauty recruitment service

Both are designed to meet your needs and requirements.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we have the latest beauty job opportunities ready for you to start, so get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

Rose Hadley London Recruitment

Our Rose Hadley Contact Number is: 0207 584 1990

Ten Things I Love About A Beauty Career In London

Beauty Salons In London Are Seeking Experienced Staff

As an experienced, professional beauty therapist, you and you alone are the force behind those popular beauty treatments.

The beauty therapist job is to make clients look and feel beautiful.

This has never been more important than today, now the lockdowns are over.

Beauty salons in London are open with high demand for beauty treatments and are seeking to recruit experienced beauty professionals.

You as a beauty therapist do important work with your beauty treatments and the time you give your clients, helps them look and feel good.

So how has it been for you as a beauty therapist since lockdown ended? Have you returned to work in a beauty salon or are you looking to get back to a new salon job role?

Being at home can get a bit boring sometimes without a variety of new people to talk to.

Let’s remember the positive side of working in a beauty salon.

Advantages of Working In A Beauty Salon

  • Earning money
  • Keep up and develop your beauty skills
  • Career development
  • Meeting new people
  • Providing a service
  • Touch people’s lives
  • Job satisfaction
  • Teamworking with salon staff
  • Building relationships
  • Seeing London
  • Having fun
  • Social events
  • Don’t forget the flexibility of Temping!

More Reasons To Get Back To Work

  • The successful vaccine roll out with boosters now available – offers extra reassurance
  • Clear route out lockdown set out by Government
  • Summer holiday season, when demand high – lots of work!
  • See your work friends
  • Return to some normality
  • Peace of mind
  • Opportunities to work abroad

Hello Beauty Clients

More importantly, your clients need you as they will be increasingly going back to work and need the beauty treatments to look and feel beautiful again.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we have the latest beauty job opportunities ready for you to start, so get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

Rose Hadley London Recruitment

Our Rose Hadley Contact Number is: 0207 584 1990

Beauty Therapist Salary Survey 2021

Salary Survey For Beauty Therapists in London 2021

2021 has been a year when beauty therapists are in big demand (yet again).

Why is this?

This is because beauty salon clients want to look and feel good.

Even when lockdown was with us, this was still important priority for many of the UK population, but salons were shut for a period of time, fuelling demand.

Post lockdown, people can decide what to do with their time and money, without any restrictions.  It’s been shown they are continuing to invest in beauty treatments.

Salons everywhere, especially in London have seen demand soar to unprecedented levels in 2021 as looking good and feeling beautiful, becomes even more important to people after the sacrifices of lockdowns.

With the travel industry opening up again, many beauty salon clients are now planning their treatments for the Christmas holidays.

Some well organised clients are already considering what beauty treatments will be required for the Summer holidays and salons are preparing their staff requirements accordingly for this busy time.

As a qualified beauty therapist, NVQ 3 or higher and some postgraduate experience spent in a busy beauty salon, you are in a strong position to land your dream beauty job.

With this in mind, here at Rose Hadley London, as a leading hair and beauty recruitment agency in London, we are posting the latest salary survey for beauty therapists and beauty salon staff salaries in London.

What is a competitive salary for beauty salon job?

Both beauty therapist candidates and client salons like to keep up to date with salary trends.

Latest salary survey for beauty therapists and hair salon staff.

The latest 2021 salary survey for beauty therapists from Rose Hadley (the leading Hair and Beauty Recruitment Agency in London) is now published as of October 2021.

Salary Snapshot For Beauty Salon Staff

Salaries are reflecting that employers are investing time in looking for hair professionals with a passion to excel in the industry. Rose Hadley London is seeing excellent packages available for candidates that can match the employer’s specific profile requirements.

We are observing beauty salon employers striving to be an employer of choice by providing a range of benefits and a framework for growth to recruit the best beauty therapist personnel and retain them. Reassuringly they are prepared to invest in quality staff equipped to deliver a quality service.

We have a wide variety of exciting opportunities in both permanent and temporary jobs across the beauty salon industry in London. We are also witnessing an ever increasing worldwide demand in the beauty world.

In addition to a competitive basic salary, commission and attractive benefits are sometimes offered. Outlined below is a representation of the average salary pay scale currently available within the industry in London:

Salary Snapshot For Beauty Salon Staff

• Beauty Therapists 2 years experience plus – from £18,000
• Beauty Therapists 3 years experience plus – from £19,000
• Spa Therapists – from £19,000
• Beauty Temps London £ 12.50-15 per hour.
• Beauty Therapists for Advanced Skin Care – from £23,000
• Head Beauty Therapists – from £24,000
• Beauty Salon Supervisors – from £25,000
• Assistant Beauty Salon Managers – from £26,000
• Beauty Salon Managers (Hands On) from £27,000
• Beauty Salon Managers (Hands Off) from £28,000
• Receptionists from £ 19,000
• Front of House Beauty Managers from £24,000
• Temporary Beauty Therapists £12.50 -15 per hour.
• Aestheticians – from £26,000
• Advanced Beauty Specialists from £26,000
• Laser Technician – from £26,000
• Medical Aesthetician – from £26,000
• Waxing Specialist – from £20,000
• Beauty Trainers from £27,000

In Summary

We hope you find this beauty therapist salary survey useful.

It’s essential to be happy in your work. The philosophy for securing the right job is to be, positive and confident, play to your strengths and embrace your limitations. The hairdressing industry is a multidimensional and resourceful world which offers a broad platform for inspiration and job satisfaction, enabling candidates to express their creativity in many ways.

In turn employers will invest by offering a lucrative salary to reward the right candidate who is able to deliver innovation through their experience and skills.

Wishing everyone success and happiness in their careers and businesses.

The Beauty Recruitment Editor

New Decade Begins For Hair and Beauty Careers

Start the new 2020 decade with a career change in the shape of a new hair job or a new beauty job.

Ready For A Job Change?

Sometimes you know it is time for a change of job, but staying within your comfort zone is so very ……comfortable! And we human beings love what’s familiar so it takes courage and ambition to strive and thrive in a new job role . 2020 has the potential to be a phenomenal year for new opportunities in all sectors of the hair and beauty industry, according to recruitment experts Rose Hadley London. Are you ready to strive and thrive this decade?

How Much Experience Do You Need?

Before you rule yourself out, due to lack of experience

Minimum Beauty or Hair Level 3 qualified and 1+ years experience is what many salons expect from their candidates. So getting qualified is the important first step to launch your career. Then gain salon experience from there.

New Decade Means…A New Hair & Beauty Job For You

Use the “new decade” as a powerful reason to make your career move and match the it with your new hair job or beauty job.

Do you really want to end this new decade in the same role? Or with the same level of experience?

Sometimes it helps to talk to hair and beauty recruitment experts for some free insider knowledge – Rose Hadley London.

Choose A Trusted Agency To Help You

RHL have over 20 years of experience matching ambitious, newly qualified and experienced candidates with top rated Hair and Beauty salons in London.

We are here to serve you and provide your perfect candidate / salon match for hair beauty roles.

So let’s dive in.

What are your career aspirations for this new decade?

Thinking of a new hairdressing job?

There are some exiting job roles available for Senior Hairdressers and Hair Salon Managers if you are ready for a promotion or an opportunity to get new experience.

Moving jobs will normally result in a salary increase for qualified candidates with a solid track record in the hair industry.

If not hairdressing, you may be considering a new Beauty job?

We have some progressive roles available for Beauty Therapists Level 3 and above in London.

After some being under pressure in 2019, many salons are expecting healthy boost in demand for beauty treatments in 2020.

Its 2020, but we know the new year resolutions often involve a career change, so what steps are you going to take now to make this new decade your best ever for your hair career or beauty career?

Latest Hair Trends

Here what is happening in the hair market for the new decade:

  • Hair is short for men
  • Moustaches and beards are still in fashion
  • Tatoos continue to appear for both men and women
  • Headbands and hair clips for both women and men
  • Colour contrasting is cool for selfies
  • Curls are back and even curly fringes

Latest Beauty Trends

Here’s what is trending in beauty this new decade:

  • Beauty therapists are as popular than ever
  • Makeup remains a priority for those going out as well as those staying indoors from for the Instagram generation
  • Beauty treatments a must for positive well being
  • Undergoing beauty is relaxing and uplifting
  • Beauty industry continues to grow every year
  • Beauty therapy industry is bigger than ever
  • Trend towards natural beauty product ingredients

In Summary

It’s a new decade and a good reason to make your career plans a reality in 2020 and begin to move to the next step in your hair and beauty career.

If you are ready to find out more about the hair career options or beauty career options available to you, call the experts in Hair and Beauty Recruitment – Rose Hadley London.

Local Hair career opportunities / Beauty career opportunities are available now. Tel. 0207 584 1990

Beauty Therapist Career Development

Beauty Career Development London – Interested in discussing how to develop your beauty career in London? You may qualify for our Rose Hadley London career development interview. Learn the most useful skills you have and which beauty career choices are available to you. We can help you put together a career action plan.

Call today for a Beauty Career Development Interview with Rose Hadley London. Tel. 0207 584 1990

Want to find out more about Rose Hadley London and how we can help you develop your career in Beauty? Call now or read more here.

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