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Beauty Therapists In 2022 – Clients Are Seeking Personalisation

Personalised skincare routines and custom makeup may become the new normal for clients seeking beauty products and beauty therapies in 2022.

The lockdown experience has given beauty clients an appetite for personalised products and services and this is something beauty therapists are becoming increasingly aware of and having to adapt to in their mission to meet and exceed client expectations.

As an experienced, professional beauty therapist, you and you alone are the force behind those popular beauty treatments and now beauty personalisation is featuring as important added requirement and skill for success as a beauty therapist in today’s beauty world.

The beauty therapist job is to make clients look and feel beautiful with beauty product recommendations and services such as gel nails, lashes, hot waxing, facials, massage and tanning.

This has never been more important than today, now the lockdowns are over.

Beauty salons in London are experiencing with high demand for beauty treatments and are seeking to recruit experienced beauty professionals who have the skills to deliver what the beauty client is looking for now – a tailored, personalised service, involving beauty products that closely meet their exact skin requirements and their personal preferences

You as a beauty therapist do important work with your beauty treatments and the time you give your clients, helps them look and feel good.

So how can you adapt your role to personalise the beauty therapy service for your clients?

How To Personalise The Beauty Therapy Service For Your Clients?

  • Discuss the client expectations and beauty goals
  • Study the skin requirements for each client
  • Product knowledge – research latest beauty products
  • Keep up to date and develop your beauty skills
  • Provide a quality service
  • Touch people’s lives
  • Building relationships
  • Seek feedback from clients
  • Personalise, personalise, personalise! Products and services for each client

More Reasons To Personalise Your Work

  • Clients have changed their expectations
  • They are seeking a tailored service / personalised cosmetics
  • Meet client expectations
  • Summer holiday season, when demand high – lots of work!

Hello Beauty Therapists

Just as your beauty salon clients need you to personalise beauty products and beauty therapy treatments for them, we aim to do the same for you in your career development.

If you are a qualified Beauty Therapist. we are able to offer you:

  • A personalised career development service
  • A personalised beauty recruitment service

Both are designed to meet your needs and requirements.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we have the latest beauty job opportunities ready for you to start, so get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

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