Beauty Therapist Interview Questions

Beauty therapist interview questions that we frequently see at Rose Hadley, when beauty salons are recruiting for beauty jobs in London.

Here are common interview questions for a beauty therapist job in London along with sample answers:

What training and qualifications do you have in beauty therapy?

I have completed a Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy and hold a certificate in waxing.

What skills do you consider to be the most important for a beauty therapist?

I believe that good communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work well under pressure are essential for a beauty therapist.

What beauty therapy areas do you specialise in?

My specialise in facials, waxing, and nail treatments.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest beauty therapy trends?

I regularly attend industry events and read trade publications to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

What is your overall aim with a beauty client?

I aim to make them look and feel more beautiful, relaxed and confident than when they came in to the salon.

What personal qualities do you bring to the role as beauty therapist?

I am a highly motivated individual who is passionate about the beauty industry. I have excellent communication skills and enjoy working as part of a team.

What made you decide to become a beauty therapist?

I have always been interested in the beauty industry and enjoy helping people look and feel their best.

What do you like and dislike about this job?

I love being able to help people feel more confident and beautiful. The only thing I dislike is dealing with difficult clients.

How did you hear about this beauty therapist position?

I researched which beauty recruitment agencies covered top London salons and got in contact with Rose Hadley through their beauty jobs website.

How would your salon colleagues describe you?

My colleagues would describe me as hardworking, reliable, and friendly.

Why are you leaving your current job?

I am looking for new opportunities for growth and development.

What hours are you looking for? Full time? Part time?

I am looking for full time / part time,

How many days do you want to work? 5 or 7 days?

2/3/ 5 or 7 days.

Do you have the required permissions to work in the UK?

Yes I am a British Citizen / have EU visa / UK Resident

How soon can you start?

I can start immediately / within a week / with a month notice.

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New Decade Begins For Hair and Beauty Careers

Start the new 2020 decade with a career change in the shape of a new hair job or a new beauty job.

Ready For A Job Change?

Sometimes you know it is time for a change of job, but staying within your comfort zone is so very ……comfortable! And we human beings love what’s familiar so it takes courage and ambition to strive and thrive in a new job role . 2020 has the potential to be a phenomenal year for new opportunities in all sectors of the hair and beauty industry, according to recruitment experts Rose Hadley London. Are you ready to strive and thrive this decade?

How Much Experience Do You Need?

Before you rule yourself out, due to lack of experience

Minimum Beauty or Hair Level 3 qualified and 1+ years experience is what many salons expect from their candidates. So getting qualified is the important first step to launch your career. Then gain salon experience from there.

New Decade Means…A New Hair & Beauty Job For You

Use the “new decade” as a powerful reason to make your career move and match the it with your new hair job or beauty job.

Do you really want to end this new decade in the same role? Or with the same level of experience?

Sometimes it helps to talk to hair and beauty recruitment experts for some free insider knowledge – Rose Hadley London.

Choose A Trusted Agency To Help You

RHL have over 20 years of experience matching ambitious, newly qualified and experienced candidates with top rated Hair and Beauty salons in London.

We are here to serve you and provide your perfect candidate / salon match for hair beauty roles.

So let’s dive in.

What are your career aspirations for this new decade?

Thinking of a new hairdressing job?

There are some exiting job roles available for Senior Hairdressers and Hair Salon Managers if you are ready for a promotion or an opportunity to get new experience.

Moving jobs will normally result in a salary increase for qualified candidates with a solid track record in the hair industry.

If not hairdressing, you may be considering a new Beauty job?

We have some progressive roles available for Beauty Therapists Level 3 and above in London.

After some being under pressure in 2019, many salons are expecting healthy boost in demand for beauty treatments in 2020.

Its 2020, but we know the new year resolutions often involve a career change, so what steps are you going to take now to make this new decade your best ever for your hair career or beauty career?

Latest Hair Trends

Here what is happening in the hair market for the new decade:

  • Hair is short for men
  • Moustaches and beards are still in fashion
  • Tatoos continue to appear for both men and women
  • Headbands and hair clips for both women and men
  • Colour contrasting is cool for selfies
  • Curls are back and even curly fringes

Latest Beauty Trends

Here’s what is trending in beauty this new decade:

  • Beauty therapists are as popular than ever
  • Makeup remains a priority for those going out as well as those staying indoors from for the Instagram generation
  • Beauty treatments a must for positive well being
  • Undergoing beauty is relaxing and uplifting
  • Beauty industry continues to grow every year
  • Beauty therapy industry is bigger than ever
  • Trend towards natural beauty product ingredients

In Summary

It’s a new decade and a good reason to make your career plans a reality in 2020 and begin to move to the next step in your hair and beauty career.

If you are ready to find out more about the hair career options or beauty career options available to you, call the experts in Hair and Beauty Recruitment – Rose Hadley London.

Local Hair career opportunities / Beauty career opportunities are available now. Tel. 0207 584 1990

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Rose Hadley London office will be closed for the holidays during the following dates.

December 21st – 31st 2018 – Closed.

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January 3rd 2019 – Re-open for business.

Thank you for making this such a busy year!

We look forward to be of service to you in 2019.

Wishing all our HAIR and BEAUTY candidates and clients a very Happy Holiday Season & A Successful, Prosperous New Year 2019.

Beauty Therapist Career Questions Answered

Questions And Answers For Beauty Jobs And Careers In London

We take time to make sure your beauty therapist questions answered get answered in full.

Getting Into The Beauty Therapist Industry

How do you become a beauty therapist?

What qualifications do you need?

Which courses to do to become a beauty therapist?

Duties and Responsibilities

What is the job description for a beauty therapist?

What are the duties and responsibilities for a beauty therapist?

How do you write a beauty therapist CV?

Work Choices

Where can you work as a beauty therapist?

Preferred Location – UK or Abroad?

How do you get a job abroad working as a beauty therapist?

UK Beauty Therapy Jobs

Why are beauty therapists in demand in London?

What makes London such a great place to work?

Full Time Permanent or Self Employed

How to find a job as a full-time beauty therapist?

How do you find a full time beauty therapist job opportunity?

Where are the full time beauty therapist job vacancies found?


What is temporary work as a beauty therapist?

What are the advantages of working as a beauty therapist temp?

Where to find work as a beauty therapist temp?

How do you get a job as a beauty therapist temp?

When is the temping season for beauty therapy jobs?

Part Time

What is part time work as a beauty therapist?

How do you get a part time beauty therapist job?

What are the advantages of part time work as a beauty therapist?


How much can you earn?

What is the salary bands for a beauty therapist full time?

What is the salary bands for a beauty therapist part time?

How much can you earn as a beauty therapist temp?

Career and Promotions

What is the career path for a beauty therapist?

What promotions can you earn?

Why choose Rose Hadley London as your recruitment agency?

As a leading hair and beauty recruitment agency covering London and abroad, we can answer all these questions for you.

Even better, we have access to all the top jobs and connections build up from over 30 years with a network of top beauty and hair salons.

Get in contact with us.

  • We will help you to find a job as a full-time beauty therapist
  • We will help you to find work as a part time beauty therapist
  • We will help you to find work as a beauty therapist temp

Whatever, you are looking for if you have qualifications and a work visa we can offer you useful career advice and get you in front of the right people to get you started your new beauty therapy role!

If you require more information about current Beauty Therapist job vacancies or are a Beauty salon or spa looking for new candidates, contact Rose Hadley London. Tel. 0207 584 1990  or  visit our beauty jobs page here: Latest Beauty Jobs

Latest Industry Trends In The Beauty Temp Jobs Market London

Industry Background For Beauty Therapists In London

Beauty temping has always been popular for qualified beauty therapists in big Cities like London and this has continued for more than 25 years according to leading recruitment industry experts.

Why Are Beauty Therapist Temps Popular In London

Reason: Temping offers beauty therapists the perfect balance between finding regular beauty therapist work, doing the thing you love in an exiting location, along with the flexibility to build a work schedule around your desired lifestyle choices.

Qualified staff for Temping is usually required, either to cover busy weekends, sickness, maternity or the busy  holiday season, working for Beauty salons, clinics and Spas in London.

Qualifications Required For Beauty Therapist Temping

The minimum qualification to become a fully qualified beauty therapist is a level 2 or level 3 qualification in beauty therapy.

You could start as an assistant in a salon or spa and study for qualifications on the job, or do a full-time or part-time college course while looking for work.

You could also train with a private beauty school.

You will need at least 2 years full-time salon/clinic/spa experience to qualify for temp work.

Latest Industry Trends For Beauty Temping In London

More temps, please!!

There are some noticeable trends going on in the beauty temp industry in London that are worth mentioning as they show a marked change from what was the norm over the last few years.

Let me explain. The latest research shows the following trends:

  • The usual temp season of March 1st to 30th September 2017 for beauty therapists started earlier in February and is still not stopped in October.
  • In fact the demand for beauty temps is continuing amongst beauty salons, hotels, and spas
  • Overall the number of temp job vacancies has grown significantly over 2017 as well as the temp season appearing not to follow the traditional seasonal trend of previous years
  • There is a skills shortage in London resulting in more demand for beauty temps than there are candidates to cover these temp job opportunities

Why Is The Demand So High For Beauty Temps In London Right Now?

Rose Hadley London in October 2017 said in a recent interview that “After 25 years of business in the UK, covering London, this year 2017 has been exceptional, defying all the usual seasonal trends and demand is huge for qualified Beauty temps in London”.

  • The reason may be explained by the uncertainty caused by Brexit, the vote in favour of the UK leaving the European Union
  • Another reason could be the meteoric rise of the aesthetic industry with many beauty therapists upskilling to Level 4
  • In previous years Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans were driving the market too
  • Either way, Temps are in big demand with lots of temp jobs in London available, it is fair to say that Temps are driving the employment market and therefore also driving the recruitment industry growth for beauty temps


  • Demand for beauty temps in London is up significantly and growing rapidly!
  • There is certainly a demand for permanent beauty therapists, companies are however having to embrace beauty temps as a vital resource now far more so than in recent years.
  • It appears the impact of Brexit and the uncertainty it brings is impacting on the Beauty jobs market to push up demand for temps.

*Research is taken from interviews with leading beauty and hair recruitment agency owners.

If you require more information about current Beauty Therapist job vacancies or are a Beauty salon or spa looking for new candidates, contact Rose Hadley London. Tel. 0207 584 1990  or  visit our beauty jobs page here: Latest Beauty Jobs