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What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Hairdresser in London?

To become a hairdresser in London, you need to obtain the relevant qualifications and training. Here are some of the qualifications you may need:

NVQ Level 2: The most common qualification required to become a hairdresser in London is the NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing. This qualification covers the basic skills and knowledge required to work in the hairdressing industry.

Apprenticeship: An apprenticeship is a popular way to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to become a hairdresser. It involves on-the-job training and classroom-based learning, and you can earn a Level 2 or 3 NVQ in Hairdressing.

Level 3 NVQ: A Level 3 NVQ in Hairdressing is a more advanced qualification that covers more complex cutting and styling techniques, as well as advanced color and hair treatments.

Diploma in Hairdressing: A Diploma in Hairdressing is another qualification that you can obtain to become a hairdresser in London. This course covers the same topics as the NVQ and also includes additional modules on salon management and business.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an ongoing training program that hairdressers can take to enhance their skills and knowledge in specific areas, such as bridal hair, barbering, or hair extensions.

It’s worth noting that some employers may have their own specific requirements and qualifications for hairdressers, so it’s always a good idea to check with them before pursuing any qualifications.

How Can I Find A Permanent Hairdressing Job In London?

Finding a permanent hairdressing job in London can be challenging, but here are some tips that may help:

Check job listings: Look for job postings on popular job websites like Rose Hadley London. You can search for “hairdresser jobs” or “hair stylist jobs” in London, and filter the results by location and job type.

Visit hair salons: Visit hair salons in your local area and inquire about job openings. Bring your resume and portfolio with you and be prepared to showcase your skills and experience.

Networking: Attend industry events, trade shows, and networking events where you can meet other hairdressers and salon owners. You can also join industry associations and online groups to connect with other professionals in the industry.

Contact recruitment agencies: There are recruitment agencies like ours at Rose Hadley London, that specialise in placing hairdressers in permanent positions. You can submit your CV and portfolio to us and we can help you find suitable job hair opportunities.

Social media: Use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram to showcase your skills and connect with potential employers. You can also follow salons and hairdressers that you admire and engage with them on social media.

Be flexible: Be open to opportunities in different areas of London or in different types of salons. Consider working as an assistant or apprentice initially to gain experience and build your skills.

Remember to be patient and persistent in your job search. Finding the right permanent hairdressing job in London may take time, but with perseverance and dedication, you can find a job that meets your needs and aspirations.

You can search our latest hair job opportunities for hairdresser, hair stylist, hair colourist and barber jobs. using this link here.

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Ten Things I Love About A Hairdressing Career In London

Hair and Beauty Salons In London Are Open For Business

You have a hairdressing career in London and as an experienced, professional hairdresser, you and you alone are the force behind those beautiful, stylish haircuts and coloured hair.

The hairdresser’s job is to cut or style hair in order to update, change or simply maintain a client’s image and this has never been more important than today.

And now the third lockdown is over, hair salons in London are open with high demand for haircuts and experienced hair professionals.

A haircut says so much about someone and you are the force behind this important work.

So how has it been for you? Have you enjoyed the time off at home and now getting bored with TV box sets and no-one new to talk to?

Let’s remember the positive side of working in a hair salon.

Advantages of Hairdressing

  • Earning money
  • Keep up and develop your hairdressing skills
  • Career development
  • Meeting new people
  • Providing a service
  • Touch people’s lives
  • Job satisfaction
  • Teamworking with salon staff
  • Building relationships
  • Seeing London
  • Having fun
  • Social events beginning to re-open
  • Don’t forget the flexibility of Temping!

More Reasons To Get Back To Work

  • The successful vaccine roll out – offers extra reassurance
  • Clear route out lockdown set out by Government
  • Summer holiday season, when demand high – lots of work!
  • See your work friends
  • Return to some normality
  • Peace of mind
  • Opportunities to work abroad

Hello Hair Clients

More importantly, your clients need you as they will be increasingly going back to work and need the haircut / hair styling to match.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we have the latest hair and beauty job opportunities ready for you to start, so get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

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From Behind Our Hair and Beauty Recruitment Desk

From Behind The Hair and Beauty Recruitment Desk At Rose Hadley London

 May 18 2020

Hi Hair and Beauty world!

We’ve got maybe 6/7 weeks before the finger is taken off the pause button and I thought I’d share a weekly post leading up to ‘operation restart’.

Three weeks ago, I was super worried about what kind of hair and beauty recruitment business I would be opening back up, but last week saw a shift in energy and the signs from behind the desk are looking increasingly positive on a daily basis and I wanted to share, offer a reality check and reach out with some encouraging news. Don’t get me wrong, there are challenges ahead, but the early signs are looking good.

A recent survey found that a hair salon appointment was among the top three things people are most excited about when the pause button is released.  This is reassuring indeed (did you see the reports evidencing the queues for haircuts in New Zealand?)!

Last week I received many calls from hair salon owners, all asking similar questions –

  1. Will you be there for us when we reopen?

Answer: 100% yes!

2. Will you have enough hair/beauty temps to support us?

Answer: 100% yes!

  There were also calls from hair and beauty talent, again, all asking similar questions –

  1. We know the industry is closed right now, but can we register a CV in anticipation of the restart.

Answer: 100% yes you can!

2. How do you think the hair and beauty job market will be? Will there be temp jobs?

Answer:  The permanent job market may take a while to get going but we expect there to be a demand for hair and beauty temps as hair and beauty salons open their doors and the industry steps on the path to recovery.

For sure the hair and beauty salon experience will be different for both clients and staff, but even with a 6/7 week lead time, energy and momentum is beginning to brew.

Next update will be on May 25. Be well, stay safe .

Rose Hadley

ps. Want to find out more about how Rose Hadley London can help you develop your career as a hairdresser? Or a develop your career as a Beauty therapist?

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Hairdresser Career Questions Answered

Questions And Answers For Hair Jobs And Careers In London

Getting Into The Hairdressing Industry

How do you become a hairdresser?

What qualifications do you need?

Which courses to do to become a hairdresser?


Duties and Responsilbilities

What is the job description for a hair stylist?

What are the duties and responsibilities for a hairdresser?

How do you write a hairdresser CV?


Work Choices

Where can you work as a hair stylist?


Preferred Location – UK or Abroad?

How do you get a job abroad working as a hair stylist?


UK Beauty Therapy Jobs

Why are hairdressers in demand in London?

What makes London such a great place to work?


Full Time Permanent or Self Employed

How to find a job as a full-time hair stylist?

How do you find a full time hairdresser job opportunity?

Where are the full time hair job vacancies found?



What is temporary work as a hair temp?

What are the advantages of working as a hair temp?

Where to find work as a hair temp?

How do you get a job as a hairdressing temp?

When is the temping season for hairdressing jobs?


Part Time

What is part time work as a hair stylist?

How do you get a part time hair stylist job?

What are the advantages of part time work as a hairdresser?



How much can you earn?

What is the salary bands for a hairdresser full time?

What is the salary bands for a hairdresser part time?

How much can you earn as a hair temp?


Career and Promotions

What is the career path for a hairdresser?

What promotions can you earn?


Why choose Rose Hadley London as your recruitment agency?

As a leading hair and beauty recruitment agency covering London and abroad, we can answer all these questions for you.

Even better, we have access to all the top jobs and connections build up from over 30 years with a network of top beauty and hair salons.

Get in contact with us.

  • We will help you to find a job as a full-time hairdresser / hair stylist
  • We will help you to find work as a part time hairdresser / hair stylist
  • We will help you to find work as a hair temp / hair stylist temp

Whatever, you are looking for if you have qualifications and a work visa we can offer you useful career advice and get you in front of the right people to get you started your new hair job role!

If you require more information about current Hair job vacancies or are a Hair salon looking for new candidates, contact Rose Hadley London. Tel. 0207 584 1990  or  visit our hair jobs page here: Latest Beauty Jobs