How To Recruit A Hairdresser In London

Important Question – How to recruit a hairdresser in London?

The Perfect Hairdresser Candidate Is Waiting For You.

If you’re a Hair Salon seeking seeking to fill your hair vacancy with some new hairdressing talent, we have a wide range of experienced, qualified hair candidates ready to speak to you.

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Our experience and knowledge of the industry makes matching the right candidate with your job opportunity easy. It’s a smooth recruitment process that works and saves you time!

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Hairdresser Career Questions Answered

Questions And Answers For Hair Jobs And Careers In London

Getting Into The Hairdressing Industry

How do you become a hairdresser?

What qualifications do you need?

Which courses to do to become a hairdresser?


Duties and Responsilbilities

What is the job description for a hair stylist?

What are the duties and responsibilities for a hairdresser?

How do you write a hairdresser CV?


Work Choices

Where can you work as a hair stylist?


Preferred Location – UK or Abroad?

How do you get a job abroad working as a hair stylist?


UK Beauty Therapy Jobs

Why are hairdressers in demand in London?

What makes London such a great place to work?


Full Time Permanent or Self Employed

How to find a job as a full-time hair stylist?

How do you find a full time hairdresser job opportunity?

Where are the full time hair job vacancies found?



What is temporary work as a hair temp?

What are the advantages of working as a hair temp?

Where to find work as a hair temp?

How do you get a job as a hairdressing temp?

When is the temping season for hairdressing jobs?


Part Time

What is part time work as a hair stylist?

How do you get a part time hair stylist job?

What are the advantages of part time work as a hairdresser?



How much can you earn?

What is the salary bands for a hairdresser full time?

What is the salary bands for a hairdresser part time?

How much can you earn as a hair temp?


Career and Promotions

What is the career path for a hairdresser?

What promotions can you earn?


Why choose Rose Hadley London as your recruitment agency?

As a leading hair and beauty recruitment agency covering London and abroad, we can answer all these questions for you.

Even better, we have access to all the top jobs and connections build up from over 30 years with a network of top beauty and hair salons.

Get in contact with us.

  • We will help you to find a job as a full-time hairdresser / hair stylist
  • We will help you to find work as a part time hairdresser / hair stylist
  • We will help you to find work as a hair temp / hair stylist temp

Whatever, you are looking for if you have qualifications and a work visa we can offer you useful career advice and get you in front of the right people to get you started your new hair job role!

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How To Get An Interview For a New Job In Hair and Beauty

New Job In Hair and Beauty

Looking for a new job in hair and beauty? Either as hairdresser or beauty therapist in London or overseas?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

As a new or experienced hairdresser or beauty therapist, looking to develop your career, you may be wondering how best to find your new role and get the interview booked. Here’s what you need to do.

Prepare Your CV

The traditional way is to collate all your job experience, qualifications and career successes within hair and beauty into a CV. Then to send it off to the top hair and beauty recruitment agency in London, Rose Hadley London.

A well presented CV can communicate your suitability for the role and two pages maximum works best.

Contact us if you need a CV template to use for your hairdressing or beauty therapist job application. We are happy to help you with this.

Video CV

Ever considered a video CV?

Some talented candidates we have had over the years have even put together a personal video CV to communicate their qualities and increase their chances of being selected for interview.

Videos that show hairdressers or beauty therapy professionals at work are also popular and can demonstrate your practical skills and experience.

It’s not for everyone, but in the age of Facebook Live and Skype, being video friendly can make you stand out and help land the dream job.

If you are familiar with taking video using a smartphone, it can easier than you think to make one too.

Just introduce yourself and what type of job your looking for. Start with your experience and achievements and finish confidently with a call to action for the hair and beauty businesses with job opportunities to contact you immediately.

Our Video CV is proving to be a powerful recruitment tool. This is a perfect example.

Posted by Rose Marie Hadley on Saturday, 28 September 2013

Interview Time

The first stage of the selection process is usually an invitation to attend an interview.
Once interview day arrives, preparing well in advance for some standard interview questions is advised to make the best impression and allow you to ace the interview!

Example of some useful interview questions for hairdressers and beauty therapists:

Why are you interested in working at our salon?

What attributes or skills can you offer our salon?

Do you have some of your own clients?

What are some newly introduced techniques and trends in hair styling, manicures, pedicures and skincare?

How do you keep up with the latest styles and trends?

How good are your listening skills when the client explains what they are looking for?

How do you suggest treatments, cosmetics and skin therapies to your clients?

How do you greet a client if the salon is fully booked?

How do you decide priorities when scheduling time?

Do you think you are overqualified for this position?

What are your training needs currently?

What type of work environment do you prefer?

Who has impacted you most in your career and how?

Have you ever had difficulty working with a manager?

How do you handle conflict amongst coworkers?

What would your salon colleagues say about you?

How do you handle an unhappy customer?

How do you react to instruction from the customer?

When given an important assignment, how do you approach it?

How do you deal with compromise?

What was the most important task you’ve ever had?

How do you react under pressure?

If you were hired, how long would you plan to stay at our salon?

If you were successful, when are you available to start?

In Summary

Preparation to get your new job in hair and beauty is always time well invested. The CV should be the priority, along with communicating your achievements and practicing how to handle common interview questions successfully.

For those more adventerous or good with technology and wanting to stand out, consider the video introduction CV. We are happy to discuss how to go about it and forward yours to clients to help get you an interview.

For most people the traditional CV Word document or PDF is works well to win the new job in hair and beauty. So are you ready to commence the process of finding a new job in hair and beauty?

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