Beauty Therapist Jobs Overseas

Beauty jobs abroad often can offer fantastic opportunities for travel. Beauty skills are universal and portable and we have international opportunities waiting! Overseas beauty job opportunities enable candidates to experience new cultures, new locations and new friendships without the uncertainty of job search in a strange country. We have been working with clients abroad for over twenty years, and we know the global beauty job abroad industry inside out.

See below for the qualifications and experience we are looking for. The service is free to candidates and we will be alongside you until you are settled in your position.

Many of our people have taken advantage of beauty job opportunities in the Middle East with competitive salaries which can enable you to work towards your dreams. Living overseas can be enriching on other levels including cultural and personal, you will build your knowledge, skills and CV and hopefully enjoy new and fresh horizons!

Travel The World

We also recognise that this can be a tough transition, leaving behind the familiar and making new connections, so we can help you prepare and manage expectations. We will advise you on the culture, traditions and employment practices of potential destinations so that you can be equipped for the change. We also advise that you do your own research before taking up a beauty job opportunity abroad.

Often overseas beauty jobs have specific requirements about your personal circumstances. For example they may stipulate an age range, that you do not have dependent children and that you have a certain amount of experience. You will need to show that you have strong references and no criminal record, and that you are adequately independent and mature to commit to a two year contract. We know from experience that it can take three to six months to settle in a new culture so it is important that you are prepared for this.

Start the adventure today! Send us your CV and we will go from there.