New Decade Begins For Hair and Beauty Careers

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Start the new 2020 decade with a career change in the shape of a new hair job or a new beauty job.

Ready For A Job Change?

Sometimes you know it is time for a change of job, but staying within your comfort zone is so very ……comfortable! And we human beings love what’s familiar so it takes courage and ambition to strive and thrive in a new job role . 2020 has the potential to be a phenomenal year for new opportunities in all sectors of the hair and beauty industry, according to recruitment experts Rose Hadley London. Are you ready to strive and thrive this decade?

How Much Experience Do You Need?

Before you rule yourself out, due to lack of experience

Minimum Beauty or Hair Level 3 qualified and 1+ years experience is what many salons expect from their candidates. So getting qualified is the important first step to launch your career. Then gain salon experience from there.

New Decade Means…A New Hair & Beauty Job For You

Use the “new decade” as a powerful reason to make your career move and match the it with your new hair job or beauty job.

Do you really want to end this new decade in the same role? Or with the same level of experience?

Sometimes it helps to talk to hair and beauty recruitment experts for some free insider knowledge – Rose Hadley London.

Choose A Trusted Agency To Help You

RHL have over 20 years of experience matching ambitious, newly qualified and experienced candidates with top rated Hair and Beauty salons in London.

We are here to serve you and provide your perfect candidate / salon match for hair beauty roles.

So let’s dive in.

What are your career aspirations for this new decade?

Thinking of a new hairdressing job?

There are some exiting job roles available for Senior Hairdressers and Hair Salon Managers if you are ready for a promotion or an opportunity to get new experience.

Moving jobs will normally result in a salary increase for qualified candidates with a solid track record in the hair industry.

If not hairdressing, you may be considering a new Beauty job?

We have some progressive roles available for Beauty Therapists Level 3 and above in London.

After some being under pressure in 2019, many salons are expecting healthy boost in demand for beauty treatments in 2020.

Its 2020, but we know the new year resolutions often involve a career change, so what steps are you going to take now to make this new decade your best ever for your hair career or beauty career?

Latest Hair Trends

Here what is happening in the hair market for the new decade:

  • Hair is short for men
  • Moustaches and beards are still in fashion
  • Tatoos continue to appear for both men and women
  • Headbands and hair clips for both women and men
  • Colour contrasting is cool for selfies
  • Curls are back and even curly fringes

Latest Beauty Trends

Here’s what is trending in beauty this new decade:

  • Beauty therapists are as popular than ever
  • Makeup remains a priority for those going out as well as those staying indoors from for the Instagram generation
  • Beauty treatments a must for positive well being
  • Undergoing beauty is relaxing and uplifting
  • Beauty industry continues to grow every year
  • Beauty therapy industry is bigger than ever
  • Trend towards natural beauty product ingredients

In Summary

It’s a new decade and a good reason to make your career plans a reality in 2020 and begin to move to the next step in your hair and beauty career.

If you are ready to find out more about the hair career options or beauty career options available to you, call the experts in Hair and Beauty Recruitment – Rose Hadley London.

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