Ten Things I Love About A Beauty Career In London

Ten Things I Love About A Beauty Career In London

Beauty Salons In London Are Seeking Experienced Staff

As an experienced, professional beauty therapist, you and you alone are the force behind those popular beauty treatments.

The beauty therapist job is to make clients look and feel beautiful.

This has never been more important than today, now the lockdowns are over.

Beauty salons in London are open with high demand for beauty treatments and are seeking to recruit experienced beauty professionals.

You as a beauty therapist do important work with your beauty treatments and the time you give your clients, helps them look and feel good.

So how has it been for you as a beauty therapist since lockdown ended? Have you returned to work in a beauty salon or are you looking to get back to a new salon job role?

Being at home can get a bit boring sometimes without a variety of new people to talk to.

Let’s remember the positive side of working in a beauty salon.

Advantages of Working In A Beauty Salon

  • Earning money
  • Keep up and develop your beauty skills
  • Career development
  • Meeting new people
  • Providing a service
  • Touch people’s lives
  • Job satisfaction
  • Teamworking with salon staff
  • Building relationships
  • Seeing London
  • Having fun
  • Social events
  • Don’t forget the flexibility of Temping!

More Reasons To Get Back To Work

  • The successful vaccine roll out with boosters now available – offers extra reassurance
  • Clear route out lockdown set out by Government
  • Summer holiday season, when demand high – lots of work!
  • See your work friends
  • Return to some normality
  • Peace of mind
  • Opportunities to work abroad

Hello Beauty Clients

More importantly, your clients need you as they will be increasingly going back to work and need the beauty treatments to look and feel beautiful again.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we have the latest beauty job opportunities ready for you to start, so get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

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