Beauty Jobs London – Salary Guide 2022

Beauty Jobs Salary Survey 2022

Salary Guide For Beauty Salon Staff in London 2022

For beauty therapists in London, the demand for your beauty therapist services during 2022 has been strong, with both permanent and especially temps, being sought by salons trying to cover this additional work.

So you will be interested in how this is impacting the market for salaries and this is covered by the latest salary guide.

With the absence of permanent staff applicants, salons are increasingly seeking beauty temps to cope with the additional demand they are seeing walk through the door in 2022.

It seems that with such high demand for beauty staff, the current market is favouring staff, rather than the beauty salons in terms of the salaries that can be expected for new beauty job roles.

So, if you are a level 3 qualified beauty therapist, with salon experience, this is a good time to consider a move to a new salon. Salary uplifts are possible.

Why Is Demand For Beauty Temps So High?

Post Brexit and post pandemic, the gaping permanent staff shortage, reveals itself in its entirety. The result – heaps and heaps of permanent hair jobs for the discerning job seeker. That said, the industry is still in recovery from financial pain and this is very much reflected in the salaries offered, at this time in some places.

We do, however, witness beauty salon owners as being favourably poised for the future and fully recognising the need of investment in staffing for the remaining two quarters and beyond.

In the salons, topics of conversation have changed recently. Customers have stopped talking about Covid jabs and now it’s hard to avoid the latest news on the war in Ukraine.

This Ukraine factor is impacting almost everyone, bringing frustration and inner anxiety to the population here and throughout Europe.

This means an increased need for some respite, in the form of relaxation, diversion therapy, and healing.

What better way, than the familiar, trusted beauty services to provide that feel good factor, even if it is for a day or two, but usually the impact of the new beauty treatment lasts much longer!

We cannot underestimate the powerful service beauty therapists provide to their clients.

As well as the beauty service itself, the upliftment of someone to chat to, can be invaluable to some people who may have not spoken to anyone recently and be cautiously returning to going out or back to work again at the office.

The mood in salons is one of confidence, enthusiasm and reflection. With enormous positivity, beauty salon owners and beauty staff have reached out to Rose Hadley with their recruitment needs for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

The question of salary has come up, pretty much in every conversation. It’s clear, that beauty therapists are highly prized and in high demand. This, combined with reduced supply are pushing up salaries for salons to attract and retain hair workers. 

Below, is a salary guide for London for June 2022, i.e. gross basic. Commission on services and retail vary, with an average of 10% on services and 5% on retail.

Salary Guide For Beauty Jobs In London

Beauty Salon Staff

Permanent Beauty Jobs in London

  • Level 2 Beauty Therapists – from £22,000
  • Level 3 Beauty Therapists – from £24,000
  • Level 4 Beauty Therapists – from £26,500.
  • Nail Technicians – from £22,500 – £31,000.
  • Laser Technicians – from £26,000 – £32,000.
  • Lash Technicians – £22,800
  • Facialist/ Skin Care Experts – from £26,000
  • Medical Aestheticians – from £28,000
  • Aestheticians – from £26,500
  • Beauty Salon Managers – Hands on – from £28,800
  • Hands off – from £30,000
  • Beauty Salon Receptionists – from £23,000.
  • Area Managers/ Multi site managers – from £40,000.
  • Medical Doctor Assistants £31,000
  • Management Consultants – circa £200 per day.
  • Beauty Room Rental – circa £200 per day (central locations and fully equipped)

Beauty salons’ demand for experienced beauty therapists is going through the roof. especially in London.

As a qualified beauty therapist, NVQ 3 or higher and some postgraduate experience spent in a busy beauty salon, you are in a strong position to land your dream beauty job, so please get in contact with us if you are seeking a new role or recruiting for new talent.

The figures quoted above are for London and presented as a recommendation only. The salaries shown are basic, commission is often also offered in addition to this.

In Summary

We hope you find this beauty salary survey useful.

We are here to help with your beauty recruitment and beauty job finding needs.

Wishing all involved in the beauty salon sector, a very healthy, productive and prosperous 2022.

The Hair and Beauty Recruitment Editor