Hair and Beauty Jobs London – Salary Guide 2021

Hair and Beauty Jobs London - Salary Guide 2021 - Rose Hadley London

Salary Survey For Hair and Beauty Salon Staff in London 2021

For all hairdressers and beauty therapists in London, the last 15 months have been unforgettable, mirroring the UK and Worldwide industries. What a year it was, but we made it!

After any period or experience that has presented challenges, the real gains come from lessons learnt and a sharpening of understanding of what really matters and then further honing that understanding.

Since reopening on April 12, the mood is one of confidence, enthusiasm and reflection. With enormous positivity, Hair and Beauty salon owners and hair and beauty staff have reached out to Rose Hadley London with their recruitment needs for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

The question of salary has come up, pretty much in every conversation. It’s clear, as we find our way back to ‘normal’, hair and beauty employers and hair and beauty employees are supporting each other through this period of recovery.

Below, is a salary guide for London for May 2021, i.e gross basic. Commission on services and retail vary, with an average of 10% on services and 5% on retail.

Salary Snapshot For Hair and Beauty Salon Staff In London

Hair Salon Staff

• Hairdressers for Independent Hair Salons – from £25,000
• Hairdressers for Salon Groups/Chains – from £25,000
• Hairdressers for Spas – from £25,000
• Hair Temps London –from £120 per day
• Hairdressers for Male Grooming Salons – from £26,000
• Hairdressers for Gents Salons from £26,000
• Hairdressing Salon Assistant Managers from £27,000
• Hairdressing Salon Managers from £30,000 – 65,000
• Hairdressing Salon Receptionists from £19,000
• Front of House Managers from £24,000
• Temporary Hairdressers from £120 per day
• Barbers from £25,000.

Salary Snapshot For Beauty Salon Staff

• Beauty Therapists 2 years experience plus – from £18,000
• Beauty Therapists 3 years experience plus – from £19,000
• Spa Therapists – from £19,000
• Beauty Temps London £ 12.50-15 per hour.
• Beauty Therapists for Advanced Skin Care – from £23,000
• Head Beauty Therapists – from £24,000
• Beauty Salon Supervisors – from £25,000
• Assistant Beauty Salon Managers – from £26,000
• Beauty Salon Managers (Hands On) from £27,000
• Beauty Salon Managers (Hands Off) from £28,000
• Receptionists from £ 19,000
• Front of House Beauty Managers from £24,000
• Temporary Beauty Therapists £12.50 -15 per hour.
• Aestheticians – from £26,000
• Advanced Beauty Specialists from £26,000
• Laser Technician – from £26,000
• Medical Aesthetician – from £26,000
• Waxing Specialist – from £20,000
• Beauty Trainers from £27,000

Hair and beauty salons have re-opened and demand for experienced hairdressers and beauty therapists is going through the roof. especially in London.

As a qualified hairdresser or beauty therapist, NVQ 3 or higher and some postgraduate experience spent in a busy beauty salon, you are in a strong position to land your dream hair and beauty job, so please get in contact with us if you are seeking a new role or recruiting for new talent.

In Summary

We hope you find this beauty therapist salary survey useful.

We will be keeping a close eye on the data and share another overview in 6 months time.

Wishing all involved in the hair and beauty sector, a very healthy, productive and robust Summer.

The Hair and Beauty Recruitment Editor