How To Specialise As A Beauty Therapist And Earn More Salary

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Beauty Therapist Specialists Earn More Money

One common question for both students and qualified Beauty Therapists is whether “To specialise or not to specialise?”

The reason behind this is often a practical one, about wanting to excel at a higher level in a particular beauty category, to get access to promotions and career advancement.

It’s not a secret that another closely related reason for the growth in Beauty Specialist qualifications and jobs is “how can I make more money as a qualified Beauty Therapist?” This is only natural and completely understandable for you to want to grow and be rewarded for your extra training and expertise.

Background To The Industry

The beauty therapy industry is booming in the UK, which is great news for qualified beauty therapists seeking career opportunities as beauty jobs as plentiful especially in and around London in the UK.

Beauty Therapy Qualifications

It’s also an exciting time for students planning to do beauty therapy courses to achieve a beauty qualification such as NVQ Level 2 or 3 Diploma which allows entry to beauty jobs.

What Is A Beauty Therapist?

A beauty therapist is described as a person whose job is to carry out treatments to improve a person’s appearance, such as facials, manicures, removal of unwanted hair, etc and make them feel relaxed and healed with treatments such as massage and holistic beauty treatments. In short, they make their clients feel and look amazing!

One of the questions for both students and qualified beauty therapists is “To specialise or not to specialise?”

What Are Specialists?

A beauty therapist specialist generally works in the commercial sector, offering advanced specialist services and treatments generally in skin and aesthetics.

What Courses Are Available For Beauty Therapists?

A typical beauty therapy course for an NVQ Level 2 or 3 Diploma looks like this:

Introduction To The Beauty Therapy Course:
Unit 1: Facial and Skincare
Unit 2: Eyelash and Eyebrow treatments
Unit 3: Manicure and Hand treatments
Unit 4: Pedicure and Foot treatments
Unit 5: Waxing and Temporary Methods of Hair Removal
Unit 6: Provide Advanced Nail Techniques
Unit 7: Make-Up Application to the Face and Body
Unit 8: Science & Cosmetology
Unit 9: Anatomy & Physiology
Unit 10: Health & Safety
Unit 11: Consultation
Unit 12: Promotions and Retailing
Unit 13: Reception
Unit 14: Career Opportunities and Continuing Professional Development

This type of beauty therapy course gives a general outline of all the beauty specialist areas and allows an NVQ qualification (Level 2 or 3).

Deciding To Become A Beauty Therapist Specialist

Beauty Courses give you the skills and qualifications to become a professional Beauty Therapist. However increasingly, salons and spas and skin clinics are also seeking BEAUTY THERAPY SPECIALISTS with more experience and training in particular beauty areas.

Beauty Skin Specialists
Waxing Specialists
Makeup Specialists
Advanced Nail Specialists
Manicure Specialists
Pedicure Specialists
Spa Specialists
Massage Specialists
Aromatherapy Specialists
Tanning Specialists

These specialists will cover the full range of beauty therapy training, comprehensive overview of salon practices, client care and personal health, but then major in one or more specialist areas.

Why Become A Beauty Therapy Specialist?

The advantages of becoming a specialist in one or more of the beauty specialisms are that you can:
– earn more money
– get access to new career opportunities
– work in top salons, spas and skin clinics
– increase the demand for your skills
– increased flexibility
– improved job security

So How Much Does A Beauty Therapist Specialist Earn?

Average salaries for beauty therapist specialists is up to £26K per Annum, with a further £9K available from beauty product commissions, making up to £33K per year the norm for specialists who are willing to also make product recommendations to their clients during or after their beauty treatment session.

What Beauty Products Will You Recommend?

As a Beauty Therapy Skin Specialist, as well as the anatomy and physiology of skin knowledge and treatment practical skills, experience with the range of skin products available, is essential.

Best Skin Products

– Facial Skin Products e.g. cleansers, toners, moisturisers, face masks, peels, treatments lotions, serums, eye creams, serums, masks.

Best Manicure / Pedicure Products

Best Manicure Products
Best Pedicure Products
– Masks and treatments, soaks and scrubs, moisturising lotions and creams, cuticle care, gloves, socks, hand and foot sanitisers

Best Body Care Beauty Products

– Body butter, lotions and oils
– Body wash and scrubs
– Body wraps and treatments
– Aromatherapy and massage oils

Best Aromatherapy Spa Products

– Aromatherapy oils
– Massage oils
– Body wraps and treatments
– Skincare and spa accessories
– Hot stone treatments

Best Waxing Products

– Hot and strip wax
– Roller wax
– Eyebrow waxing and threading
– Hair removal and bleaching
– Electrolysis

Beauty Product Knowledge

As you can see from this extensive list of beauty product types, it is a massive task for any Beauty Therapist to keep up to date with all these beauty product categories and brands.
In order to achieve a high-level knowledge and experience that today’s beauty clients and salons demands, it perhaps makes good sense for beauty therapists to specialise in a particular area or treatment.

In Summary

Beauty Therapy is an exciting career to be in, with specialists increasingly in demand as clients knowledge and demands are increasing. Salons and spas are responding by seeking Beauty Therapy Specialists to satisfy client demand. If you are looking for career development or skills advancement, consider upskilling in a specialist area, such as all those mentioned above, with Skin looking a particular big growth area.

*Research is taken from interviews with leading beauty and hair recruitment agency owners.

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