Salary Survey For Hairdressers

Rose Hadley Hairdresser Jobs Salary Survey 2017

Salary Survey For Hairdressers in London

Latest salary survey for hairdressers and hair salon staff – What’s the current competitive salary for hair jobs?

Both hairdressing candidates and client salons like to keep up to date with salary trends.

The latest 2017 salary survey for hairdressers from Rose Hadley (the leading Hair and Beauty Recruitment Agency in London) is now published.

Salary Snapshot For Hair Salon Staff

Salaries are reflecting that employers are investing time in looking for hair professionals with a passion to excel in the industry. Rose Hadley London is seeing excellent packages available for candidates that can match the employer’s specific profile requirements.

We are observing hair salon employers striving to be an employer of choice by providing a range of benefits and a framework for growth to recruit the best hairdressing personnel and retain them. Reassuringly they are prepared to invest in quality staff equipped to deliver a quality service.

We have a wide variety of exciting opportunities in both permanent and temporary jobs across the hair industry in London. We are also witnessing an ever increasing worldwide demand in the hairdressing world.

In addition to a competitive basic salary, commission and attractive benefits are sometimes offered. Outlined below is a representation of the average salary pay scale currently available within the industry in London:

Salary Snapshot

• Hairdressers for Independent Hair Salons – from £20,800

• Hairdressers specialising in Colour – from £23,00 – £65,000

• Hairdressers for Spas – from £20,800

• Hair Temps London –from £80-£120 per day

• Hairdressers for Male Grooming Salons – from £21,500

• Hairdressers for Gents Salons from £20,800

• Hairdressing Salon Assistant Managers from £22,500

• Hairdressing Salon Managers from £23,000 – £65,000

• Hairdressing Salon Receptionists from £16,000

• Front of House Managers from £23,000

• Temporary Hairdressers from £80-120 per day.

• Barbers from £20,800


In Summary

We hope you find this hairdressing salary survey useful.

It’s essential to be happy in your work. The philosophy for securing the right job is to be, positive and confident, play to your strengths and embrace your limitations. The hairdressing industry is a multidimensional and resourceful world which offers a broad platform for inspiration and job satisfaction, enabling candidates to express their creativity in many ways.

In turn employers will invest by offering a lucrative salary to reward the right candidate who is able to deliver innovation through their experience and skills.

Wishing everyone success and happiness in their careers and businesses.

The Hair Recruitment Editor