Beauty Therapists Salary Snapshot

Beauty Therapist Salary Snapshot London 2019 - Rose Hadley London

Latest Salary For Beauty Therapists In London

What’s the current competitive salary for beauty jobs in 2019?

Both beauty candidates and client salons like to keep up to date with salary trends.

Here’s the latest 2019 salary survey for beauty therapists from Rose Hadley (the leading Hair and Beauty Recruitment Agency in London).

Salary Snapshot For Beauty Therapists

For the first time in many years we have witnessed a more of a cautious attitude relating to salaries at the beginning of 2019.

That said it has been one of, if not the best starts to the year for new, exciting beauty jobs in maybe a decade.

So whilst there is evidence of some stagnation in salaries there is also evidence of great optimism, appetite and investment in the hair and beauty sector.

We plan to keep a keen eye on salaries over the next 6 months and aim to share again post Brexit.

We have a wide variety of exciting opportunities in both permanent and temporary jobs across the beauty industry in London. We are also witnessing an ever increasing worldwide demand in the hair and beauty world.

In addition to a competitive basic salary, commission and attractive benefits are sometimes offered. Outlined below is a representation of the average salary pay scale currently available within the industry in London:

Salary Snapshot

• Beauty Therapists 2 years experience plus – from £21,000 PA.

• Beauty Therapists 3 years experience plus – from £21,800.

• Spa Therapists – from £21,000.

• Beauty Temps London £12-13.50 ph (with laser up to £15)

• Beauty Therapists for Advanced Skin Care – from £24,000.

• Head Beauty Therapists – from £23,000.

• Beauty Salon Supervisors – from £24,000.

• Assistant Beauty Salon Managers – from £24,500.

• Beauty Salon Managers (Hands On) from £24,000 – £32,000.

• Beauty Salon Managers (Hands Off) from £24,000 – £40,,000.

• Receptionists from £21,500.

• Front of House Beauty Managers from £24,000.

• Temporary Beauty Therapists £12 – £13.50 per hour (up to £15 with Laser)

• Aestheticians – from £25,000

• Advanced Beauty Specialists from £26,000

• Laser Technician – from £26,000

• Medical Aesthetician – from £26,000

• Waxing Specialist – from £21,000.

• Beauty Trainers from £27,000-£33,000 PA.

In Summary

We hope you find this beauty salary survey useful.

It’s essential to be happy in your work. The philosophy for securing the right job is to be, positive and confident, play to your strengths and embrace your limitations. The beauty industry is a multidimensional and resourceful world which offers a broad platform for inspiration and job satisfaction, enabling candidates to express their creativity in many ways.

In turn employers will invest by offering a lucrative salary to reward the right candidate who is able to deliver innovation through their experience and skills.

Wishing everyone success in their careers and businesses.

The Beauty Recruitment Editor