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Importance of Career Development

Develop the hair career you always wanted and the hair jobs today you always dreamed about.

You do this by using a career development plan to guide your steps. Use it to guide you every step of the way, through new experiences, qualifications and training, to promotions and rewards.

It can be like having a satellite navigation for the hair career journey, rather than travelling without a written plan or guidance on the destinations available and how to get there.

Benefits of Career Development

For career hairdressers, the direct benefits for you include :

  • Career goal achievement
  • Analysing current skills and experience
  • Identifying training needs
  • Networking opportunities
  • Improved communication skills
  • More productive and positive internal relationships
  • More productive and positive external relationships
  • Greater understanding of the importance of organisational visibility
  • Improve networking, rapport-building and showcasing skills
  • Learn goal-setting techniques to identify career goals and maximise success
  • Enhance time-management and prioritisation skills to create time to work on career goals

How Do You Prepare A Career Development Plan?

  • Learn about potential career options
  • Discover growing job markets
  • Identify careers that match your skills
  • Understand career qualifications
  • Assess salaries and other benefits
  • Compare possible career paths

Formalising A Career Development Plan

Establish SMART goals i.e. specific, measurable, realistic, timed goals.
Develop a career action plan. You may be able to set your SMART goals yourself, if you are career minded, have done the background research in your chosen field and have clear vision of what you want to achieve in your beauty career.

Getting A Career Development Coach

Sometimes it is easier and saves time and more productive to reach out to an experienced career coach to help you with your career plan.

You may be able to learn about how your skills and experience can be used to open doors to a particular hair salon or hair career role. It may be an area you are already aware of, or something completely new. It could also be using your current hairdressing skills and experience somewhere new in the UK or abroad.

Learn about potential career options and growing markets for your skills and locations where potential salons are seeking your beauty therapist skills and experience.

  • Looking for career opportunities
  • Assess salaries and other benefits
  • Finding the perfect job to match your ambitions

If you are ready to reach out to a hair career coach, we can help you.

Rose Hadley London have over twenty years experience of matching hairdresser ambitions with career opportunities.

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