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Hair and Beauty Salon Second Lockdown Latest

Hair jobs and beauty salons second lockdown update

As we know the hair and beauty industry is popular with users and essential for the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone in London and the UK.

There is more to a haircut or a nail manicure than meets the eye for sure.

Time in a salon is an important treat in terms of looking good, but also in terms of relaxation and “me time”.

So after the return to opening of salons in July, initially for hairdressers, then later in the month for beauty salons, we hoped it would be plain sailing back to more like normality, albeit with PPE and hand sanitisers in place.

In November, we have second lockdown, with this time more hope that it will be a shorter one, with more confidence that we know what we are dealing with in terms of measures we can take and procedures we can follow to minimise risks.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we are still open and working, currently from home, so you can contact us during this second hair and beauty lockdown on the following number:

Rose Hadley Contact Number for November: 07790 488425

We can still receive CVs and set up online interviews via Zoom with candidates and employers, so that you are ready when the second hair and beauty salon lockdown ends at the end of November 2020.

The run up to Christmas and New Year, as we know, is normally a very busy period for the hair and beauty industry, so the end of the second lockdown in November will be welcomed.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we can still be contacted and are available to help you with your Christmas hair and beauty recruitment needs and hair and beauty job opportunities, especially during this time.

We wish you all well and look forward to speaking to you.

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Our Rose Hadley Contact Number for November is: 07790 488425