Hair and Beauty Salons in London Move To Tier Four

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Hair and Beauty Salons In London Tier Four Time

Hair and Beauty Salons In London move To Tier Four, which tightens the current rules more.

Tougher rules for London mean hair and beauty salons will be closed for now.

On Saturday 19th December 2020, as a big and sudden change for Christmas, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced that London and other areas in southern England which were currently under the Tier 3 level of coronavirus restrictions, will move to an even stricter new Tier 4.

Mr Johnson also said that a planned five-day easing of socialising rules that would allow up to three households to meet in “Christmas bubbles” will be cancelled for Tier 4 areas.

We know this means Hairdressers and barbers, beauty salons, tattoo parlours, nail salons, spas and beauty services, massage parlours and tanning salons all need to close for the time being until there is a change from Tier 4 back to Tier 3 or lower.

This is a big disappointment for hair salons and beauty salons in London and in all the affected Tier 4 restricted areas and we empathise with all our clients that will be affected by this.

Hopefully this will be just a temporary situation until the picture improves.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we are still open and working, currently from home while Tier 4 restrictions remain, so you can contact us on the following number after the Christmas and New Year holiday.

Rose Hadley Contact Number for November: 07790 488425

We can still receive CVs and set up online interviews via Zoom with candidates and employers, so that you are ready when the Christmas and New Year holiday ends and Tier 4 is lifted.

Here at Rose Hadley London, we can still be contacted and are available to help you with your New Year hair and beauty recruitment needs and hair and beauty job opportunities, especially during these uncertain times if you want to chat about your requirements.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year 2021.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

Rose Hadley London Recruitment

Our Rose Hadley Contact Number is: 07790 488425