Salary Survey For Beauty Therapists

Latest salary survey for beauty therapists – What’s the current competitive salary for beauty jobs?

Both beauty candidates and client salons like to keep up to date with salary trends.

The latest 2017 salary survey for beauty therapists from Rose Hadley (the leading Hair and Beauty Recruitment Agency in London) is now published.

Salary Snapshot For Beauty Therapists

Salaries are reflecting that employers are investing time in looking for beauty professionals with a passion to excel in the industry. Rose Hadley London is seeing excellent packages available for candidates that can match the employer’s specific profile requirements.

We are observing beauty employers striving to be an employer of choice by providing a range of benefits and a framework for growth to recruit the best beauty personnel and retain them. Reassuringly they are prepared to invest in quality staff equipped to deliver quality service.

We have a wide variety of exciting opportunities in both permanent and temporary jobs across the beauty industry in London. We are also witnessing an ever increasing worldwide demand in the hair and beauty world.

In addition to a competitive basic salary, commission and attractive benefits are sometimes offered. Outlined below is a representation of the average salary pay scale currently available within the industry in London:

Salary Snapshot

• Beauty Therapists 2 years experience plus – from £19,000.

• Beauty Therapists 3 years experience plus – from £21,000.

• Spa Therapists – from £20,000.

• Beauty Temps London £10-12 ph (with laser up to £15)

• Beauty Therapists for Advanced Skin Care – from £24,500

• Head Beauty Therapists – from £23,000.

• Beauty Salon Supervisors – from £24,250.

• Assistant Beauty Salon Managers – from £24,500.

• Beauty Salon Managers (Hands On) from £26,000.

• Beauty Salon Managers (Hands Off) from £28,000

• Receptionists from £22,500

• Front of House Beauty Managers from £23,500

• Temporary Beauty Therapists £10-13 per hour (up to £15 with Laser)

• Aestheticians – from £24,000

• Advanced Beauty Specialists from £26,000

• Laser Technician – from £26,000

• Medical Aesthetician – from £25,000

• Waxing Specialist – from £20,000.

• Beauty Trainers from £27,000.

In Summary

We hope you find this beauty salary survey useful.

It’s essential to be happy in your work. The philosophy for securing the right job is to be, positive and confident, play to your strengths and embrace your limitations. The beauty industry is a multidimensional and resourceful world which offers a broad platform for inspiration and job satisfaction, enabling candidates to express their creativity in many ways.

In turn employers will invest by offering a lucrative salary to reward the right candidate who is able to deliver innovation through their experience and skills.

Wishing everyone success and happiness in their careers and businesses.

The Beauty Recruitment Editor

Top Hairdressers Welcome In London

Top Hairdressers Welcome In London

Experienced top hairdressers are required immediately in London and also overseas.
Whether it’s hair cutting, colouring or styling, there’s an ever growing demand for top hairdressers with these skills. London hair salons in particular are seeking experienced top hairdressers to join their teams.

What Makes a Top Hairdresser?

…. and how do you ensure both hair and client success?

Here’s eight top tips that help ensure success as a top hairdresser in London.

Consult Like A Top Professional

Whether we like it or not, first impressions count, especially when it comes to impressing hair clients. If we think of hairdressing as a process involving clients, the first stage is the “meet and greet” upon salon arrival. This is generally under the control of the salon receptionist, so hopefully they are well trained to make a good first impression.
A warm welcome upon arrival is important, as it helps win the client over with good customer service prior to the client consultation.
With necessary care and attention, the meet and greet should proceed seamlessly to a positive, inspiring and memorable client consultation. If there is one thing that shows a top hairdresser from their less successful peers, it’s the quality of the hair consultation.

How do the top hair professionals do this?

Here’s What You Need To Know:-
• Make the client feel important
• Check client is comfortable in their chair (or do they want a coffee?)
• Ask quality open ended questions to discover client hair preferences
• Use listening skills to ensure you understand client needs
• Repeat back to client what you heard, so they know you listened
• Good eye contact to show you really care (but not too much!)
• Show enthusiasm for the what needs done
• Know your products (so you can recommend if asked)

The client consultation is a fantastic opportunity to communicate to the client how important they are to us.
Get attuned to your client needs, listen carefully to what they want done to their hair and set the tone for a successful hair management appointment.
During the hair consultation, you are their personal hair advisor, ready to provide solutions. So make the most of it and impress.

The Practical Stuff…

Haircutting Skills

Hairdressers are renowned for their primary skill of haircutting and this comes in many forms from fringe trims to full restyles.
The most successful hairdressers have both practical hair cutting experience, along with advanced people skills.

Hair Washing (Backwash loving!)

Hair wash is part of a good hair service offering, but what is best practice these days?
In top salons, it’s not just a hair wash, it’s a head massage, reiki and hair conditioning all rolled into the one. Take the opportunity to add a top customer service experience for the hair wash.

All clients will then remember the wash for the professionalism and care shown, rather than for water dripping down the back of their necks!


Perming is not as popular as in the past, but there are still some, mainly an older set of clients who enjoy a regular hair perm. Hair stylists use perming to create hair bounce and curl.

Hair Colouring

Colour technicians are experts in their craft of hair colouring. Knowledge of hair dye products and practical hair colouring experience are invaluable in the process of hair colour management. Clients will usually have some preferences for colour, but many seek advice and rely on hairdressing expertise to make it a reality for them.
Hair colouring is popular and provides regular work for hair salons because it’s difficult for clients to do themselves at home. If they have ever tried it, clients quickly find out it’s messy and inconvenient. Not a good idea and best left to the professional hair stylists.

Blow Drying (With Gusto!)

Blow drying, straightening and curling tongs are used by professional hairdressers to create a masterpiece hairstyling. It’s time to use your experience to make the most of the right heat, choosing the right hairbrushes for client satisfaction.

People Skills

All top hairdressers know this. Clients value hair technicians with good people skills.
Some clients have some things they want to chat about other than their hair. They take the opportunity to “chat” and share their life secrets with hairdressers. It could be holidays or their love life so be prepared. The ability to listen without judgement goes a long way to being a successful hairdresser. Communication during a hairdressing session is a priceless part of what hairstylists offer their clients.

The Feel Good Factor

Modern society can be stressful, so what better way to feel good and de-stress during work breaks and weekends than some hairdressing.
It can be best summed up as hairdressers offering the “feel good factor” to clients.

So if you are a hairdresser, hair stylist or colour technician, you will know your hair skills make a big difference to people, bringing beautifully cut and styled hair, as well as precious moments relaxation and the feel good factor for clients.

In Summary
There’s an all year round demand for experienced hairdressers and hair stylists for both permanent and temporary roles across London.

Contacting an expert recruitment agency specialising in the hairdressing industry, can be a good way to develop your career.

For a new role in the hairdressing industry or career advice, Contact Rose Hadley London. Tel. 0207 584 1990

Experienced Beauty Therapists In Demand In London

Experienced Beauty Therapists Required

Experienced beauty therapists are required urgently in London and also overseas.

Whether it’s waxing, threading, facials, laser hair removal, anti-aging or nail painting, the picture is the same. Beauty salons are seeking experienced beauty therapists everywhere around London!

The big question is why?

Here’s four top reasons that are boosting demand for beauty therapists in London.

Be Beautiful! You Know It Makes Sense

Whether we like it or not, or agree with it or not, society demands we ALL look beautiful!
Beauty salons are globally popular with people seeking to look beautiful .
This is both for our own benefit, but also due to media pressure to look younger, fitter and more attractive.
It’s the age of the celebrity after all, so beauty is admired and highly visible as a result of the digital age.

Offering The Feel Good Factor

Modern society can be stressful, so what better way to feel good and de-stress during work breaks and weekends than some beauty therapy.

It can be best summed up as beauticians offering the “feel good factor” to clients.

Practical Beauty Skills

Beauticians offer practical skills that create instant beauty through waxing, manicured nails, skin beauty facials and makeup. Offering beauty make-overs with their practical beauty skills keeps salons busy.
Makeup is popular, especially with matching nail varnish expertly applied by a qualified therapist.
The most successful beauticians tend to be those people with both practical beauty experience and advanced people skills.

People Skills

All top beauty therapists know this. Clients value therapists with good people skills.

The one to one contact and communication during a beauty therapy session is a priceless part of what therapists offer their clients.

When people visit a beauty salon they want to look beautiful, but also to connect at a human level, thus good communication skills are essential for successful career as a beauty therapist.

Experienced, qualified beauty specialists usually have finely tuned the art of people skills. They know how to chat, show an interest in you and leave you feeling happy.

So if you are a beauty therapist, give yourself a big pat on the back.

Clearly your skills are making a big difference to people, bringing beauty, anti-aging and precious moments of relaxation for clients.

In Summary
There’s an all year round demand for experienced beauty therapists for both permanent and temporary roles across London.

Contacting an expert recruitment agency specialising in the hair and beauty industry, can be a good way to develop your career.

For a new role in the beauty industry or career advice, Contact Rose Hadley London. Tel. 0207 584 1990